Sunday, January 29, 2012


After a very extended period of time with no posts I have decided maybe it is time to start up again! I am energized reading blogs of friends and co-workers and smiled when I read some of my old postings.
Most recent ticket stub: Contraband
Review: in a quick summary, wait until it comes out on video...or never. I have a soft spot for Mark Whalberg, but I was bored the first half of the movie and my 'ideal' ending wasn't what the screenwriter had in store. Alas, action movies always propel me to through $11 at my local theater. Next up, a quality flick. Something the Academy thought deserving this year.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Cafe living

I opted to work from home today as the weather is nasty and I don't want to commute, especially when it is likely only one person will be in the office. My internet is acting weird so I made my way to a local cafe where I have found that there are a lot of people not working or taking leisurely mid-morning coffee breaks. The cafe is bustling with middle-aged men discussing property, two early 20's girls playing Uno and laughing while sharing a scone, and a steady flow of traffic coming in and out of the door. The two girls behind the counter greet the regulars and whip up delicious caffeinated treats. I was glad I requested a chocolate chip muffin and not the blueberry as the woman next in line (one of the 'regulars') requested what was the last one. Let's be honest, I'd rather have chocolate over fruit anyday, unless the fruit is covered in chocolate; so I will adhere to the same policy when it comes to muffins.

Fall is definitely here. I love the chill but not the rain.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Why make things yourself?

I made a decision today to never make salads or coffee again (okay I obviously will have to do both again at some point but...). I realized that when other people make me a salad or coffee they taste a million times better. All those salad mixing places at lunch taste so much better then when I try to toss some veggies together myself. And somehow those coffee cart guys know just how much cream and sugar equals an amazing cup of coffee (and I never know how many calories are in that toasty beverage).

Other note- I did not overdraft my bank account last month for the first time in months! I am patting myself on the back as we speak. There was a hairy moment Tuesday night when my salon's credit card machine was down and I had to use an ATM, but all is well in the world now!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not just about ticket stubs anymore

I had some random thoughts come into my head today and decided to write them here in my blog:
1. I am patting myself on my back. This month I managed to pay off all of my credit card and still put money in my savings account. I refuse to get into credit card debt any longer!
2. I love the show the Biggest Loser. I always get emotional watching it and last night was no exception. It also inspired me to really re-evaluate my health and lose those 15 pounds I have been talking about for ages. While I am starting my diet with Dan in November I can start to make healthy choices today. The show also inspired me to possibly order the BodyBugg- a device to track caloric intake and exertion. I love tracking things by numbers/points so I may splurge and get it. This way I will know how awful some things I eat are!
3. I love lazy nights with Dan; last night is a perfect example. Thai food, tv and great company.
4. For the first time in a while I had a truly nice time when I went home this past weekend. I got the perfect dose of family time, beat my mom in scrabble, and relaxed on the couch with my friend Lauren.
5. I love fall! Bring on the sweaters, chill in the air, football season and Islander hockey : )